Through Overflow, there are opportunities each year for short and long term mission trips around the world.

Beach Reach

Beach Reach is a one week mission trip experience where servant evangelism takes the form of free van rides and pancakes. Thousands visit Panama City, FL during spring break and many are hurting and searching for meaning. Our students provide simple acts of service that open the door to life-changing conversations about the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Beach Reach 2016 Video

Project UUPG

What is a UUPG? A UUPG is an unreached, unengaged people group. “Unreached” means that less than 2% (and in many cases 0%) of their population are Christians. “Unengaged” means that nobody is currently trying to reach them. There are over 3,000 UUPGs in the world. In 2012, we identified a UUPG in South Asia and since then have been working on developing a strategy to reach them. In the past few years we have sent 7 short term teams in addition to 2 semester missionaries to work among this people group. Our goal from here forward is to send 2 students as semester missionaries every semester as well as to continue sending short-term teams to work with our long-term partners in South Asia.