Hope Defenders

We wanted to share the gospel of Jesus with others... but, we didn't know how.
So we prayed and asked God to help us. Hope Defenders was then created.

Hope Defenders is a group created to glorify God by equipping college students to be confident and effective when communicating the gospel to people of different backgrounds and world-views. 

We meet on Sunday nights in the First Denton CLC (the gym) at 6pm. 

2017 Fall Schedule

Sept. 3 - Defending the Hope that’s in you

Sept. 10 - Counterfeit Gospels

Sept. 17 - The Authority of the Bible

Sept. 24 - The Trustworthiness of the Bible

Oct. 1 - Science and the Bible  (Part 1)

Oct. 8 - Science and the Bible  (Part 2)

Oct. 15 - Christianity and Homosexuality

Oct. 22 - The Problem of Evil

Oct. 29 - The Attributes of God  (Part 1)

Nov. 5 - The Attributes of God  (Part 2)

Nov. 12 - The Attributes of God (Part 3)

Nov. 18 (Saturday) - The Trinity

Nov. 26 - No Meeting (Thanksgiving Break)

Dec. 3 - Ask Anything!

2018 Spring Schedule

Coming soon

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We play volleyball. A lot.

After each Hope Defenders, so at around 8pm, we open our gym to play volleyball. One court is our "competitive" court and the other court is our "not-as-compeitive" court. Come play volleyball, bring your homework, procrastinate your homework, play board games, play pool and ping-pong, and enjoy the Sunday night before Monday comes back around.